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3rd Annual SMAAAK Quiz 

Saturday 21st January 2023

Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the 3rd Annual SMAAAK Quiz on Saturday 21st January.

When leaving, several people asked when the next SMAAAK Quiz will be - the clue is in the name 'Annual Quiz'! - as Chris and Rhian Fear, our superb Quizmasters, will need 12 months to come up with so many fiendish questions again.

Thanks to you, SMAAAK raised over £500 on this evening.

Please keep supporting SMAAAK

Kingsland Grand Potato Competition 2022

On August Bank Holiday Monday, the garden of the Angel was full of growbags and keen competitors eager to know the weight of the potatoes they had grown.

Each competitor had one potato seedling and a growbag at Easter, and they had nurtured their plants carefully (well some had!)

For the second year the competition was won by David Noon, with a crop of 9lb 6oz. Second was D Clement with 6lb 4oz and third was David Thompson with 5lb 13 oz

Many thanks to the sponsors Vaughan Farms for potato seedlings and Hintons for growbags.

Thanks also to Richard Matthias for all his help and support for the competition.

The Kingsland Grand Potato Competition is a SMAAAK event.

Potato comp photo 2021[6153].jpg

Grand Potato Competition 2021

On Easter Monday entrants collected a growbag and one potato. On August Bank Holiday all the crops grown were individually weighed at The Corners Inn. The winners were: 1st David Noon, 2nd David Thompson, 3rd Peter King.

The prize for the overall winner was the Silver Spade which has the winners name engraved on it.

The overall winner of the Children's event were Will & Joe Cameron Swan, 2nd John Cameron Swan, 3rd Max Bufton

An excellent competition this year, organized by David Thompson, Chairman of the SMAAAK Committee (see photo). 

IMG_0811 Church with scaffolding.jpg

The Church is undergoing a major refurbishment at the moment. Work started in April 2021 and is expected to continue until December 2021.

Work is being carried out to restore the windows, floor and walls

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